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Please note that although many of the materials provided in the sites introduced below are beneficial and agreeable for us, we have no certainty of ALL the resources they provide or their stand, neither can we review their entire site nor constantly monitor their changes.

請留意: 雖然我們認同以下網站所提供的資源是有益的, 我們不能肯定清楚他們提供的所有資料以及信仰立場, 我們不能閱覽他們整個的網站, 也不能時常留意這些網站的改變.

整全訓練神學院: (吳主光)我們的異象效仿主耶穌的門徒訓練模式

加拿大列治文平安福音堂: (吳主光)本教會的信仰與浸信會相同,教會路線卻屬於接近「弟兄會」背境之「獨立教會路線」,與香港喜樂福音堂同類

喜樂福音堂: 本 網 站 主 要 以 喜 樂 福 音 堂 之 肢 体 為 服 務 對 像 , 籍 此 提 供 聲 帶 和 文 字 的 屬 靈 需 要 , 以 滋 潤 乾 渴 的 心 靈。

福音文摘: 由一班基督徒所組成的一個福音傳道會. (每日靈奶、福音信息、福音詩歌、屬靈書籍及屬靈文章)

永生之道: 唯一目的只是藉著互聯網讓神所引導至本網頁的人得著神所要人得著的,別無其他額外之目的.

七千人聖經文字事奉 7000 MEN Writing Ministry: (Michael Tao, Baptist) The goal of 7000Men is to preach and to teach the whole counsel of God - and not to pick and choose whichever people like to hear. Also, we are not here to introduce new ways to serve God; instead, we are here to stand on the landmarks that God once delivered to his saints through His Word.

Good News For Catholics: dedicated to bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to Catholics around the world.

The Peoples Gospel Hour: (Perry F. Rockwood) Most people like to begin their life's story at the time of their birth. My real joy began at the time of my second birth when by the Lord's grace He gave to me the free gift of eternal life. (Audio Archives)

Chick Publications: (Jack Chick) Tracts and Comics

The Berean Call: (Dave Hunt) An evangelical ministry committed to encouraging Christians to grow in spiritual discernment through their study of the Bible

Fundamental Bible Church: The Foundation Magazine and more. (Their recommended links)

The Fundamental Truth: The Web Site for Fundamental, King James Bible Baptists

Way Of Life: (David W. Cloud) 29-year-old Fundamental Baptist preaching and publishing ministry

Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries:(Martin & Deidre Bobgan) God's Word + Psychology = Psychoheresy. A non-profit religious corporation for the purpose of informing and educating Christians about psychoheresy.

Carmel Contender's Homepage: A Testimony of practising Biblical separation, warning against wrong teaching, especially the ecumenical Movement.

Links to Christian Resources, especially PUBLIC DOMAIN books & etc.
Note: We are not sure of the resources they provide or their stand.

網上聖經: 繁體及簡體版, 可檢索字串.

與主同行: 司布真复興講壇 Spurgeon Revival year sermons, 約拿單.愛德華滋, 天路歷程, 芬尼, 馨香的末藥 - 蓋恩夫人, 賓路易師母, 無名的基督徒等.

信仰之聲: 感謝林獻羔牧師將他的所有書籍無償的放在本站 ... 里面的文章沒有版權問題, 本著傳揚福音的目的,网友們可以隨便抄送!(請注明來處!)

福音中華網: 福音中華出版的有關耶穌基督福音的普通話聲音資料中心. (新舊約聖經誦讀, 陳希曾, 吳勇, 王明道, 江守道等講道查經信息, MP3下載) fuyin.com surrenders all copyright for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Download and distribution of information contained in fuyin.com are encouraged.

Christian Tape Ministry: The mission is to exhort, encourage, and edify the Church universal. We hope to do this by publishing messages about Christ, His purpose, His word, and His Church. (Conservative brethren background, T.A. Sparks 史伯克, Stephen Kaung 江守道, and others MP3)

Shiloh Christian Library: Publishing Bible Truths once delivered Unto the Saints for Students of The Book. (Conservative brethren background)
To build a CD library containing 1500 public-domain works once provided for the Lord's people by gifted and Godly teachers rightly dividing the word of God.

AGES Software: Making The Words of the Wise Available to All... Inexpensively.
Most of the books and documents have been scanned or typed from works that have entered the public domain.