1. The original manuscript of the Bible being the inerroneous Word of God is the absolute, the only and the highest authority of the society in all matters concerning the faith, the ordinances, the organisation, the living, the morals, the concept of life, the concept of society, value, apology, work, family, ethics, education, social activities, the wisdom of life, etc.

2. God created ex nihilo all that there is, including all that exists in the physical world and the spiritual world, thence every human being has a physical body and a non-physical spirit. The sins of man are offences against the Creator who is also the Lord and the omnipotent God. They will bring about the first death which is the death of the body, and the second death which is the eternal damnation of the spirit and the body in Hell and these are the recompenses given to each and every person for his sins.

3. The three-in-one God is the only God. Owing to His love, God sent the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, the Son who then took on human form in the virgin birth to come to the world in the person of Jesus Christ to act as the only mediator between God and man. Jesus Christ died on the cross for sins of man but He rose on the third day and subsequently ascended to the Heaven to prepare a place for all those who believe in Him and He will return one day to take all believers into the Heaven where they will enjoy the eternal glory and blessings of the Sons of God.

4. All the believers who are saved by the Lord Jesus Christ must have the experience of regeneration. The Holy Spirit eternally dwells in them, confirms the security of their eternal salvation, and acts as a seal to show that they eternally belong to God. The Holy Spirit also acts as the Comforter of the believers, to guide them, comfort them, protect them, teach them, strengthen them and even fill them so that they are able to have more profound knowledge of Christ, to live and to die for Him and to exhibit the glorious riches of Him in their lives.

5. All the local churches on earth which are of pure faith, and their saints should have fellowship with each other, love each other and help each other. All the saints who are saved are united to compose the unique, pure and spiritual church, and such unity is in life and faith but not necessarily in organisation. The local churches have the responsibilities to spread the Gospel, to hold meetings for worshipping God, to study the teachings of the Bible and to follow the work, living and mission of Christ while He was in the world to achieve the Great Commission of rescuing people into the Heavenly Kingdom.

6. The society believes in the truth of the biblical prophecy that the world will be destroyed one day when the sins of its people have reached their full measure. We have the responsibility to spare no effect to save the people of the world from sin, and to guide them to pay the greatest attention to the heavenly hope of life to come. In the present life, we will strive to build up the society with love and goodness, to encourage the people of the world to live enthusiastically and to influence them with Gospel to turn from wickedness to goodness unto salvation. We are firmly convinced that we will rise again in our lives to come to be with the Lord and enjoy eternally the heavenly glory and blessings; therefore it is our opinion that the sinful life arising from the lack of hope for the life to come is negative and destructive to the world, while in the opposite, the holy life arising from the hope for the life to come is positive and can save the world.